Are you tired of making excuses?  Do you want to release those limiting beliefs and pursue your God-given purpose?  Are you seeking a professional to provide structure and accountability?  It’s easier to stay on course and go the distance when you have a navigator.  I’ve walked in your shoes and would love the opportunity to help you try on some new ones!   My comprehensive and collaborative approach will help you to level up, maximize your potential, and reach your destination. Individual, group, in-person, and virtual coaching sessions are available. Get started, TODAY!

Sharon Fletcher Jones – Coach

Comprehensive & collaborative approach to help:

  • Level you up,
  • maximize your potential,
  • Reach your destination.

Here’s what others had to say 

“My husband wanted a divorce after twenty-eight years of marriage.  I felt alone.  My status had changed.  My income had changed.  My address had changed!    I was devastated.  I  couldn’t seem to get my bearings.  After that first meeting with Coach Sharon I felt hopeful.  She listened and I learned.  Within just a few weeks of working with her, I was able to see a future, MY future and to start planning for it.  She helped me to remember who I was before I got married.  She helped me to re-center and focus on moving forward.”  

Ruby A.

“I had some decisions to make about my family and going into business for myself.  Coach Sharon helped me to get clear about my concerns and to prioritize what needed my immediate attention.  With one-on-one and group coaching I regained my confidence. Together, we developed a plan.  While working a fulltime job supporting my family, I started my own business.  Thank you Ms. Jones for motivating me.” 

Derrick S.

“After my husband passed away from COVID, I felt completely lost.  I was convinced that shopping helped to fill the void.  Coach Sharon and I met while thrifting.  She said she sensed that something terrible had happened to me in spite of the brave face I tried to present.  She told me that she was a life coach and that she would like to spend some time with me if I wanted the company.  We started with telephone conversations where she made me know that it wasn’t my time to die and eventually worked into face to face meetings where she would insist that I make plans for myself and that she could help.  Two years later, we continue to talk at least once a month.  I like checking in and being held accountable for taking care of me.”  

Jennifer P.

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